Livre:Handbook of Engineering Polymeric Materials-P. Cheremisinoff-pdf

Livre:Handbook of Engineering Polymeric Materials-P. Cheremisinoff-pdf
Livre:Handbook of Engineering Polymeric Materials-P. Cheremisinoff-pdf 

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This authoritative resource details current technological advancements in high structure plastics and elastomers, functionalized materials, and their product applications;furnishing practical information on new and conventional polymers and products as alternative materials and end-use applications as well as providing a unique comparison of manufacturing and processing techniques from around the world. Emphasizing product characterization, performance attributes, and structural properties, the Handbook of Engineering Polymeric Materials covers advanced engineering materials blends and alloys specialty applications manufacturing and polymerization product development product and structural characterization advanced processing operations and much more! Facilitating an integrated view of the subject with over 5500 references, tables, equations, drawings, and photographs, this exhaustive guide is indispensable for polymer and materials engineers; polymer chemists; applications development specialists in elastomers and plastics bending; product development specialists in polymers and polymer alloys; elastomer and plastics manufacturers and suppliers; and graduate-level students in these disciplines.


1 . Artificial Neural Networks as a Semi-Empirical Modeling Tool for Physical Property
Predictions in Polymer Science

2 . New Generation High Performance Polymers by Displacement Polymerization 35
Pradip Kumar Dutta, Susanta Banerjee, and Sukumar Maiti

3 . Acrylamide Polymers

4 . Transparent Polyolefins

5 . Polyolefin Stabilizers with Intramolecular Synergism

6 . High-Temperature Stabilization of Polyolefins

7 . Gamma Radiation Induced Preparation of Polyelectrolytes and Its Use for Treatment
of Waste Water

8 .  Polyvinylchloride (PVC)/Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Polymeric Blends

9 . Polyvinylchloride (PVC)/Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Polymeric Blends

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