Bourse d’études de l’AGEF – Abdullah Al Ghurair Foundation for Education 2019

Bourse d’études de l’AGEF – Abdullah Al Ghurair Foundation for Education 2019

In 2015, Abdulla Al Ghurair pledged one-third of his wealth to provide educational opportunities to 15,000 Emirati & Arab youth over the next 10 years. The Foundation imagine a world where its scholars become leaders and ambassadors for education. At the Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation for Education, shcolars are in the business of reimagining a new Arab story, fueled by youth, enabled by education…
We provide the support & skills that our students need to thrive. AGEF gives online digital platform developed to help Emirati youth
achieve career success by increasing their readiness for university and the job market, offers scholarships to Emirati and Arab youth to pursue futures in science, technology, engineering, and math disciplines and brings online credentials and degrees from top
accredited universities to Arab youth anywhere they reside.
The Open Learning Scholars Program supports programs at two partner universities :
At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MITx Micromasters, the scholarship supports two specializations :
• Supply Chain Management
• Data, Economics and Development Policy
➢ A professional certificate worth one semester’swork at MIT
➢ Consists of five courses and one-five exams
➢ Scholars will have two years to complete the program
Email for more information.
At the Arizona State University Online Masters, the scholarship supports 29 Masters degrees online in the STEM, Healthcare and education fields. See the full list here
➢ Scholars will have three years to complete the program
➢ Share our videos introducing the program here
➢ Share our webinar sign-up form and schedule here
Email Ahmed Ali on for more information.
This year the Al Ghurair Foundation for Education will offer STEM scholarships for young Arabs interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at one of our regional partner universities in the Arab world.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
30% youth unemployment rate in the Arab World
  Academic qualifications in Science, Engineering, Computer Science and IT are some of the most sought-after by employers
  The Foundation focuses on supporting STEM education, but only at top higher education institutions across the Arab region and the world
STEM will help students:
Solve the most challenging real-world problems (like using smart technology to provide basic services in remote areas, improving health outcomes, designing assistive devices using robots, and discovering new forms of energy)
Become critical thinkers and explorers who learn for life
Contribute to regional prosperity by leading innovation in fields such as aerospace, oil & gas, biotechnology, and more.

Who is eligible to apply?

The Al Ghurair STEM Scholars Program is both needs and meritbased Aspiring students that fulfill the following criteria are eligible to apply to the program:
✓ Arab citizen who does not have another citizenship
✓ Be in financial need and able and willing to provide proof of financial need
✓ Between 17-30 years old
✓ Earned no less than an 85% GPA in high school (if applying as a new student to an undergraduate degree) or no less than a 3.0 at university (if existing student or applying to a graduate degree)
✓ Be proficient in language of program (English/French) to standards acceptable by top universities
✓ Be admitted to AUI for an undergraduate degree in a STEMrelated program or planning to apply before respective deadline
✓ Preference will be given to applicants who have lived in the Arab World for at least 12 years of their life

What are the Bachelor programs supported at AUI?

• Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
• Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Management Science
• Bachelor of Science in General Engineering

Checklist of Application Documents Al Ghurair STEM Scholar Program

Personal Documents
❑ National ID (from country ofnationality)
❑ Residency ID (from country ofresidency)
❑ Family book
❑ Passport
❑ Refugee status documentation
Academic Documents
❑ Official transcript of the most recent completed academic year:
✓ High school seniors: Yr. 11 Masters
✓ For undergraduates who did not yet complete Yr. 1: last completed academic year in their previous school/university
✓ For undergraduates who completed Yr. 1: most recent academic year at current university
✓ Master’s students: cumulative transcript from undergraduate degree, or Yr. 1 Master’s degree transcript
❑ Letter of acceptance from AGFE partner university (if available at time of application)
❑ Results from any standardized exams already take
Financial Documents
❑ Personal salary statement or other income documents, 6 months bank statements for savings & current accounts (if applicable)
❑ Salary certificate or other documents proving income/pension for all other family household members
❑ Six-month bank statements for savings & current accounts of parents or spouse (depending on personal status)
❑ Statement of annual cost of education for each household member studying
❑ Family house rental contract (if home is rented)
❑ Proof of special needs or chronic illnesses among any household members (if applicable)
AGFE Frequently Asked Questions
Applicant Support Resources

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